The Harsh Realities Of Senior Year

October 20, 2017
By katie.himes BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
katie.himes BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
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 I await the inevitable,
Watching the beautiful green mildew grass slowly turn to a murky brown,
How eventually the orange and white highlights of the field slowly begin to disappear,
Weeks of my body screaming at me for putting it through this muscle wrenching torture,
Angry exchanges between teammates after a moment of doubt,
  I await the inevitable,

For the 6:30 rehearsals of dancing around in the highlight of dusk,
A glimmering sunset fading in the back light,
Oranges and pinks shining across different coloured skin tones,
Illuminating dark circles beneath glazed over hues,
  I await the inevitable,
For the loud cheers to quiet down into soft whispers into silence,
Ripping apart the tape that holds my soul together,
Climbing the long yellow steps to watch three years of my life fly by,
Cradling a rifle aged four seasons,
Long before I could even ponder spinning it,
Aged and crinkly silks,
And a weight in my chest that only a gigantic magnet could lift,
  I await the inevitable,

Of looking back on the memories where I couldn’t recall a single frownt,
And loud gatherings around bundles of Mcdonald’s burgers and fries,
The echoing score of 85.5 to make a group of teenagers so excited,
A denial that such a beautiful period of life could ever end,
  I await the f i n a l i t y,
Of breaking a perfect formation of people,
Line by line in a uniform that could make the rainbow look plain,
To the harmonic flute that begins the last dance,

Going back to the place where it all began,
A fancy stadium with proper white lines,
For the deep ‘dut dut’ a language only we can understand,

A final circle where we all stand and chant a rhythm that has been our anthem for the past four years..

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