Wanting YOU

October 5, 2017
By BeccaW BRONZE, Southfield, Michigan
BeccaW BRONZE, Southfield, Michigan
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Butterflies are in my stomach
A smile is on my face
There’s that dreamy look in my eyes
Thinking of you my day gets instantly better
I wish for your face in front of mine
I dream of you in my future
I ponder if my hand will ever be holding yours
Remembering every conversation
Predicting what might happen next
Cherishing every moment I get to have with you
How dreadful a day is without you
Without you I'd die
Without you I’d lose hope
Without you I’d fall down a never ending spiral
Every second with you I get a step closer to telling you everything
Every minute without you I get a little crazier
My thoughts scatter
My heart cracks
My breath quickens
The little voice in my head gets louder
It screams
What if you loved me back
What if you cared
What if…
What if you hate me?
Those what ifs don’t really matter
None of this really matters except
All I want in this world is you
All I want is you
I want you

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