Where I'm From

September 20, 2017
By espressoart SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
espressoart SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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I am from suburban corduroy onesies where socks layer with rosey cheeks
where dimples are as deep as the sand in search of treasures.
I am from toys, yet played with fairies.

I am from family photos staged over, effortless
where twinkly lights were plugged in and junk thrown down the basement stairs.
I am from fancy food platters and unfamiliar faces.

I am from the curiosity of coffee with a bitter tongue dip,
where mom sits paying the bills.
I am from no chance to no doubt I am adequate.

I am from number one on the list to my own self-embrace
where opinions are meaningless and makeup swirls in the sink.
I am from raindrop tears cleared by summer’s sunsets.

I am from chic rompers where booties are layered with tights and rosey lipgloss
where sips of black coffee stains the hardwood table.
I am from liminal space to relentlessness, where I run with fairies in my corduroy onesies.

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