Love the Flaws

May 30, 2017
By Anonymous

Life was fading

Into the ocean floors,

To the depth of darkness.


The heart was freezing,

Icicles hung from his chest,

Life was gone within moments,

But why?


Couldn't her skin, hotter than the fire,

Bring him back, 

His head yearned for her 

To listen.


Her mind was fading 

Into the clouds,

But why?


Couldn't she hear his cry,

From below,

Didn't she want to save him,

Before she lost him 

For good. 


She didn't mean those harsh words,

Those harsh reactions,

She wanted to believe

He was right,

But why didn't she?


He gave his word and broke it,

Within moments,

He wasn't worthy no more,

But why?


Life was a roller coaster

Of sadness,

Every moment

She couldn't see 

Past those teary blue eyes

Buy why did she even care anymore?


Life was over 


Them both,

Sorries were said,

But why?


A sorry couldn't bring them



A bullet to the heart,

A cut to the wrist

proved their love,

Forever they shall remain. 

The author's comments:

Life is not just about loving someone. It is about loving them for who they will always be. Trying not to change them to be perfect for you. 

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