Imagine The Future, Remember The Past

May 9, 2017

Imagine your future.
Imagine the diploma you will receive.
Imagine getting the job you've always wanted.
Imagine the woman you fall in love with,
The time you will spend with her,
And the places you will see together.
Imagine the house you build 
Imagine the children you will have together 
Imagine the miscarriage 
Imagine the pain you'll share 
The tears you will shed
Imagine raising you children 
Imagine watching them grow up 

Then when your children move out
They'll remember the day of your retirement
They'll remember your wrinkles and fatigue
They will remember your illness 
They’ll remember your gravestone

But when the tears stop 
They'll recall the memories you made with them
The life you gave them
They'll recall their tiny blue house 
And when they remember you,
All they can do is smile

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