The City

March 31, 2017
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Have you ever been to that city ?
The one beyond the horizon of our imagination,
Yes , yes! I'm talking about the one you dreamt of yesterday.
The one with skyscrapers piercing through the clouds and measuring the extent of our strengths.
That city has no currency,
Everything is free
Just like we had wished ourselves to be.
No deadlines , No limitations
No problematic situations.
You can dream and achieve,
Think and perceive,
Trust and believe.
Have you ever made it to that city?
C'mmon the train ticket to that place is free.
No regrets, no worries and no sadness ,
Everyone's happy there.
No breaking of hearts , no memories to haunt of the past.
Once you reach there ,
The aura of the air will make you feel enchanted.
No master , no slave.
No rich , no poor.
The resources are vast , free and will never get clear.
No deaths , hence no births,
Time ceases there.
Live the way you wanna ,
And when you are fed up ,
Leave the city and grow old and miserable.
You are probably wondering,
Why you were unaware of that city where everything is so wonderful,
Because dear the people of this city are selfish and want themselves and their acquaintances to reach there first.
But those fools don't know,
That city is for everyone,
And people like me
will finally lead everyone there.
A city of change,
That only strong influencers and idealists like writers can make.


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