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Luna, Terra, Sol This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

She floats perfectly, a celestial body among a dark universe,
Weaving herself gracefully between speechless stars.
The gentle curves of her horizons
Reveal ocean-blue eyes and wind-blown hair.

A beautiful, breathtaking exterior
Shelters her warm heart, deep below unbreakable surface.
Spinning slowly in her orbit,
She innocently brags, a light for all to see.

I can’t help but admire her,
My eyes continually locked on her heavenly beauty.
She’s my entire world,
But she revolves around another.

He shines as bright as daylight,
Lighting her skies and warming her skin.
She depends on him, completely captivated,
While I’m eclipsed, pushed into unforgiving shadows.

But gravity cyclically drags me back to her,
No matter how hard I try to stay away.
So I’ll watch the rise and fall of her tides,
Hoping one day she’ll enter my atmosphere.

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