March 19, 2017

Countless girls


Tiny thighs,


ice-cold lips,


Skinny arms


and bony hips,

Countless girls


Who smile,


but want to cry, 


Who laugh,


but want to die,


Chewed-on nails that look like mud,


Aching throats boiled up with blood,


Dropping weights and countless scales,


Countless drugs and countless jails,


Countless girls that hide the hurt,


Countless bottles


to take the pain away


Countless voices in their heads,


Sweet relief in countless beds,


Countless men she's broken apart,


Countless nails still in her heart,


Girls who starve and break,


Tiny hands that clench and shake,


Tiny thighs,


ice-cold lips,


The strongest wine


in tiny sips


Countless scars,


from countless trips.

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