March 2, 2017
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I wake up everyday with the same thoughts.
I listen to what my mind jots.
I’m beginning to fade out,
Watching the world around me spin about.
I’ll never be able to read what was captured,
but I’m looking through the captions,
I don't pay attention to everybody's act,
most of them are just going to turn their backs.
These are the facts.

As time passed,
I look back and tell myself that was never gonna last.
I control myself and stay on track,
while I’m looking through the shutters and pushing on the glass,
I can see myself in the reflection.
I watch the deceptions,
so I pay attention to the lessons.
I’ve yearned for the life where I don’t burn
while I try to put myself back together and turn,
Turn to find what I’ve already heard.
When people scream my name, it triggers my pain,
bringing back the feeling I felt yesterday.
Yelling back, I’ll never be the same way.
So I keep myself precise with precision aim,
aiming for all the things I've been seeking.
I keep myself held high,
I only wish I was full of pride.
I'm sick of seeing all the grime,
all I hear is lies.
Deep down inside, I feel depression.
Did I forget to mention
people say I need medicine?
That's my parents leverage.
They consider that seclusive evidence.
In reality, it doesn't help,
it only makes my mind melt.
I look up, but I still feel low.
I lay down and think, while my brain travels to the unknown.
This gives my anxiety,
I'm in an empty place in a careless society.
In my life, I'm the only one who gets the exclusive vote,
your actions are so practical.

I remember running to my room to escape,
turning off the lights because it made me feel safe.
I’m making bets on my own life as it's placed,
asking myself why does my heart race so much when I pace.
While I’m scared and trying to get away,
feeling like I haven't any other way.
They will never see the true power,
I could count the clocks by the hour.
The ticks are getting louder.

I know I am crazy,
that’s why I’m not placing.
I’m here for the moment,
there’s nothing worth extortion.
I inspire myself as an ordinance,
regardless if you notice it.
I don’t care for all the fingers pointing,
because I’m representing what I’ve been exploiting.
Through everything I’m holding under my thumb,
I’ll never give some,
Sure, some days I feel raged,
but I’ll save that for the batting cage.
So, you don't have to make a way,
because I will love myself any day.

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