Imagine this Life

February 21, 2017

How would you feel?
Finally getting with the guy you really love,
The one you’ve been wanting to be with for a long time…
Then he breaks up with you because of people…
The people were talking about you and him,
He couldn’t take it due to depression and anxiety.
Then, you, accidentally, cause him to end his friendship with you…
What would you do?
Think about losing your father,
And always being bullied.
What about being blamed for things you didn’t do?
It causes sadness,
And a lot of emotional pain.
Emotional pain is harder to heal from, if you know what I mean…
It’s something that’d be hard to get through,
And really hard to avoid.
Life may be difficult,
But that doesn’t mean you should give up.
Love may be hard,
But love is not what to give up,
Love isn’t the cause,
It’s the bond between you and your partner.
Don’t give up the wrong thing,
Make careful choices.
Don’t stay off your path of happiness
Or you will spiral into depression

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