The Me Inside Out

February 6, 2017

I looked around
Screaming for her.
The water just kept rising.
I could feel myself about to drown
And yet she was still lying,
Still saying she was fine
When we both knew it wasn’t true.
She didn’t want their help;
She didn’t want them to notice her
Or even what she did to pass the time,
But as everything got colder,
We sunk on down.
Faking our smile
Just to get through it.
She kept sinking us away
Letting no one know us
Just to have them to stay….
She acted as if we were perfect.
Though those lines go for miles
And our pain has stained
Every bit of our life,
We have changed.
All because of a stupid knife,
All because we couldn’t let it go.
I couldn’t let it go...
So I just look around...

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