Fading Blue

October 3, 2016
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Wow, I'm hurt. Yikes, you hurt me. Man, this hurts. Ow, it burned me. Your favorite color was blue. Like the ocean, like the sky, like anything vast, like me eyes. It's kinda sad isn't it? That someone could hurt you so much that you just have to write about it. It's almost demoralizing that someone could control you like that, just from the way they touch your face or stroke your hand. When you came into my life I was already complete but I liked you so I let you in and you over crowded my heart and suffocated my feelings, but to me that felt like love and sometimes when you're dying is when you feel the most alive, and when you're high is when you feel the most down to earth. It's this and that and do's and don't's and they tell us that violence is never the answer, but we must fight for what we believe in. You were what I was fighting for and you left me and now there is an emptiness in my heart that wasn't there before, and I went from over crowded to completely desolate, and in the vastness of my feelings I was suffocating and in the vastness of the color blue, I see you. 

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