True Friendship

October 4, 2016
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You are my best friend,
Always have been.

I remember when you were shy and quiet.
Now, I think,
What a monster I’ve created.

When my feet were heavy like stones,
    You were there to encourage me, lift me up.
When I didn’t know what to do,
    You were there to guide me.

Thank you for believing in me,
    When I didn’t believe myself.
Thank you for being right there,
    When I was feeling lost.

I have many other friends,
And so do you.
But nothing like us together,
Our friendship is genuinely true.

Either choking of
You’ve been there, right by my side.
You may not know that you are so special to me,
    My partner in crime.

Anyone is lucky to have you as a friend
    Lively, loyal, and loving.
Animals and flowers,
    Smile at you, too.
Sleepovers, parties, and movies are fun,
    But only when I’m with you.

I will never forget,
Our Midnight chats.
And running in the rain,
Soaking wet.
Pitter patter,
Pitter patter.
Our arguments,
    That start with cold shoulders and side eyes.
But end,
    With hugs and tearful apologies.

Maybe we’ll fall apart one day,
But pigs would be
in the hallway.

Over the years, we’ve both changed,
Days and time have passed,
    But our memories stay forever and last.
I can’t imagine life without you,
    You are my other half.

You are my best friend,
Always will be.

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