The Oxymorons

September 13, 2016

a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g.,faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ).

I guess in the end that’s what we were
An oxymoron
Two contradicting terms
So different,
Put together.
I could compare us
To so many other things
To a fading sunset, in its last final seconds
To a butterfly, resting on a leaf with broken wings
To spoiled fruit still clinging to its branch, still ripe with colors
To something broken
But that is not
What we were.
One of us
One of us
One of us
A thoughtful, intelligent thinker with gigantic goals and dreams, that could fill an entire universe of only artistic creations and creative mindsets. Someone whose knowledge lay above a social understanding.
One of us
Consumed with popularity, drama and the idea of young love and the unknown. Someone who hid from their true reflection and accidently tainted the wrong relationships, but yet knew how to feel  so strongly.

And that is
What we were.
Isn’t it funny to think
That in the end
These two little oxymorons
Switched places?

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