August 2, 2016

No matter who is around

I feel about to drown

Nobody sees what I hide

Because I am so broken inside


Behind ever smile is a broken girl

And the idea of laughing makes me want to hurl

Years of society beating me down

Made my mask a happy clown


Never showing how I really feel

Trying to make the world believe it is real

If they knew they would worry

And try to fix me in a hurry


But this darkness is not able to be fixed

So inside the sadness was mixed

Into a solution of pain

And now the darkness is like a stain


I fear with every step I take

That people may see I am fake

That my smile doesn't reach my eyes

And finally the society will see through my lies


They will know see my weakness

And my life of eternal bleakness

Then society will know that this bruise

Is where I have everything to lose

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