Independent Blood

July 27, 2016
By Rach3819 PLATINUM, The Colony, Texas
Rach3819 PLATINUM, The Colony, Texas
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Tied up in other's fixations

A rubber band led astray;

Twisted and turned

Without question,

Never checking for personal strain.


Knotted together, dark chocolate hair,

The stopping of marks from a pen

For split ends and breaks

Cause literary profusion,

And the truth was abused--

Told to keep quiet, like a dog told to stay.


So she painted her nails

That same sinful red

She managed to escape from that day

And climbed out the window

Of the one who assumed control--

Flipping him off

As she floated away.


But you don't have to worry,

Because I'll always protect you;

Freedom has a cost,

And for that I'm blessed to have you.

Whether you're talking to the angels

Or crying with the horses, 

Because your little girls can't have it all,

I wouldn't trade your soul

For all the flowers in the world.


But if you died tomorrow,

I'd gather them all up

Lay them one by one beside you;

All the colors of your heart

For truth and for good luck.

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