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Stuck Here

By , groton, CT

Last night I dreamt I was falling
I thought, this is it I’m
going to die, but I just kept falling.
I woke, startled trying to think of some
reason I never seem to get anywhere these days.
I’m on a train, forever riding, but never reaching my
destination. And if I ever have my souls
confused on where the destination was. I am confined
to the same place over and over. I am held down by chains and
heavy shoes that slow my pace. I am dragged out
of the world, right back to a place of
waiting. The only place I’ve ever known. My mind
longs for freedom. I want to run away while this town is asleep.
But I’m stuck in a hole and I’m falling forever.
There must be some-
thing I can do, but the days
expand into years and I’m
still coming up with nothing. I’m so
tired of coming in last, and all the other who outshined
me. I am invisible. I am made of glass and
people look right past me. The hope of getting out
is pointless.I sink back into the same quicksand. I just want a glimpse of
the world beyond my kitchen window. I have all the time
in the world and it’s not enough. My feet have
been planted here like trees. Permanently. You
tell me to keep trying, but I’m not leaving here, not ever.

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