November 19, 2014

Incurable, quick

Alive, spreading, horrific

Contagious, worldwide crisis


Aren't we lucky

To not be crying out in pain?

To not be hopeless,

Pitiful, and experimented?

Aren't we fortunate

To not worry?


What are we doing?

We are just reading the news

We are in our normal lives

How do you know

If it is going to last?

We just say,

"Oh, it's scary!"

And leave others

The problem


We cannot leave

The others this crisis

We are in it together

We must act now

Before we know it's too late

I hear,
"It's better if you not fret."

Is that so?

"Leave the world on its own stuff."

Aren't we living to

Change the world?

Benefit the world?

Help the world?

Are we just

Praying to be famous?

Worrying about looks?

Crying about little things?

If we don't act -

Then humanity is over

Not by ebola,

But loss of

Help, generosity,

Careness, hope,

And the will to act

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