May 9, 2014
Lightning strikes near the innocent castle
All through the walls you can hear it crackle
She has lot of fun in her heavenly bliss
but soon she will know the price in indigo’s kiss

Oh no, Oh no its midnight O’clock
the evil old witch watches with mock
as she leaves her prince behind
with the ball quickly leaving her mind.

She left her handsome prince a souvenir
and she goes back to her cleaning career

Charming searches day and night
for his love at first sight
He wants to make the shoe fit
and it makes her stepsisters twitch

they cut off their heels and toes ‘cause they want to be queen
but sadly it is just a mangled dream
when Handsome reaches their house their feet are a mess
and cinderella has lost her beautiful dress

Cinder has the perfect foot
and he remembers her beautiful look
he gets down on one knee
and she shouts with glee

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