We're The Same

March 26, 2014
Do you love your mom?
Would you do any and,
Everything to see her happy?
Well so would I

I like sunshine,
I listen to music
And I eat ice cream.
Do you like basketball?
Cause I was the MVP of my high school team.

I don’t smoke or do drugs
Sometimes I’ll have a beer or two.
Every Sunday I get up at 7
And then I got to church.

My dad and I used to go fishing,
Camping too.
He taught me everything I know
Every Sunday I watch football
Then in March I join the madness

We have a lot in common,
Don’t you think?
So why am I damned to hell?

I’ve repented and said my prayers
I’m honest and kind
I give to those less fortunate

Do you love your wife?
Well I love my husband.
I don’t cheat, I don’t’ lie.

You say God hates me
Just because I married a man.
Well then why did he make me?
If loving someone is a sin
Well then damn me to hell.

I love my husband and he loves me
We’re loving parents just like you
Why can’t you accept us,
For the people that we are,
Instead of hating us
For the people that we love?

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