I love you I love you

January 5, 2014
The week after we broke up people kept asking if I cried for you.
I’d laugh and say “That fool? Nah he isn’t worth the effort.”
They’d laugh along and turn away
but my mind would stay.
Your face loomed like a veil shrouding the room,
I couldn’t see anything but you.
Your dark brown eyes boring into my soul,
Your perfect white teeth smiling,
whispering, “I love you.”
But then your eyes dart away,
you seem too thoughtful.
The silence becomes stifling between us.
I try to answer but no words come to me,
I seem to have forgotten how to speak.
My heart screams, I love you, I love you
in a thousand tongues,
but I cannot remember which is mine.
Your eyes sadden and you drop my hand
I'm sorry you whispered, and you ran.
Suddenly I find my voice.
I scream for you.
But it’s too late.
You are gone.
And I am alone.

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