'Alcohol is for adults'

December 2, 2013
'Alcohol is for adults'
laws are passed, and everyone says
'Children's brains are easily damaged.'
But really,
as a 'child' (really, just a minor)
I can attest to saying our brains already are.
It's a shame, really,
that we are so fragile, and we are just broken things.
Not fragile in the sense of broken mirrors,
though if they were all broken
life could be a bit easier.
But fragile in how our smiles are fake,
in how our days are just a countdown
to the next. How we see nooses as an erotic necktie
that can give us our dream come true.
I think the alcohol would not ruin us,
we're already so good at doing this anyway.
We all need painkillers.
The painkillers of my age happens to be
blades and 'I'm fine's.'
So may the laws be passed.
We all die eventually.

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