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Once spoken,
It cannot be taken back.
Instead, it spreads
and spreads and spreads.
No matter how hard you try,
you can never stop it all.
Its deadly poison has already been set,
and nothing can erase it from the air.
Feelings of hurt, pain, and
anguish have been released,
leaving the victim in tears and
indescribable sadness.
No matter how much you
might regret your words and actions,
you can’t fix anything.
You can say sorry and apologize,
but that is meaningless,
the words are empty, hollow.
They can’t change a thing
when everything’s all
messed up and destroyed.
If you don’t want to be the cause
of such a disaster or
start the spread of
such a never-ending cancer,
then just don’t say those awful thoughts,
don’t whisper them into some nearby ear.
Keep it to yourself,
let it melt away in your brain,
until there’s nothing left of it.

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