Last Night

April 2, 2013
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You’re sort of taking over
Taking up my mind
Something that you said to me,
Late last night
I guess it wasn't much but meant a Lot at the time,
For once my dreams have jumped out Of my head,
Finally, it’s alright,
I’m hanging on every word you said,
Every word you said,
Don't know if I want to ever come Off this high again,
So much time I've spent waiting for This chance...
For it to finally be so real,
Yet what road lies ahead,
I really can’t tell
I can tell you, though one thing is For sure,
I don't think I'll be able to fall Asleep at all,
Not again, I don’t know
No dream would ever be this great,
Nothing this amazing,
As I carefully craft every word I Say,
Every word
It's only me,
Hope it's enough,
Hope you catch on every word I say,
Want me to be in and out of your Head,
Lost in every word,
I don't know if anything more will Come of this,
But one day I hope it will,
So don't make me give up on my Hope,
Because something’s there still
If only I had the chance to get to Know you before
But I feel there’s a door waiting Open for us
Every time I pray,
It’s for you to find me along the Way
There’s still a whisper saying
This isn't all that we’ll become
As I lay dancing around my room
Still lost in every word we say

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