March 2, 2013
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Chapter by chapter and page by page
Ever so slowly does it don on you the errors of your ways
You wish you could find a route out of this, or even turn back the clock
And maybe, oh, maybe you wish there to be a fairy godmother sweeping in to save the day --
But you can't go back on your word,
For fear of consequence paid.

Stuck are you in a torturous spinning wheel;
Stuck rocking back and forth, back and forth
Painfully aware of what is going on both before and behind you.
You take a risk, you jump the chance;
And burst into battle, to hear the mental swords clash.

Words are not the best choice of weapon,
Yet she dares to take the leap into an eternally blazing fire of hell,
Thinking naught of a burn, or how she will be able to fare well.

But you can't cheat your Fate much more than twice,
Thought some naughty children
- the worst of them all -
They have to learn the hard way.

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