Lunar Eclipse

February 26, 2013
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I feel like I’m the moon,
In love with the sun,
Our feelings aren’t in tune,
But they aren’t yet done.
My feelings are scattered behind me,
Broken into points of light,
Changing with each blink of he,
But there is one that sticks to me tight.
It never moves,
Always to my left,
Its feeling is love,
But it is in all means bereft.
Between us is Earth,
In which I rotate around,
But she separates us with girth,
And my feelings remain unfound.
It’s many bodies to where you are,
And atmosphere and back out,
So I cuddle my star,
And I plan out my route.
That’s when I heard about her,
Jupiter’s moon, oh so lovely,
But there was no ‘we were’,
So I had no lovesick plea.
One day he looked at me again,
Because I was blocking the view,
Of the millions of bodies of his domain,
The death of love turned the heads of a few.

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