hide and seek

January 14, 2013
It was a trap
I can believe it
I let my feelings escape
I was stupid

Playing with my feelings is torment
like a sunburn
I want to run and hide
I feel like river, full of water
I'm flooding with tears

My heart is in shatters
I need some tape
I need a new heart

Because I feel for your lies
your eyes
your smile
And I fall
Down in a dark hole

I don't know if I should trust you
I don't want to see your smile
please don't call my name
I might fall again and tears will flow a river

Even those I found a couple missing pieces of My
It sill jumps when you talk to me
When you smile at me
When you laugh at my jokes

When you see me
I frozen like ice
The butterflies escape from my stomach
Making me blush
I try to hide in the crowd




our life is like hide and seek.

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