Gardenia, Like the Flower

December 18, 2012
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It was simple how they met

There she was, standing alone

spelling his name on the tip of her tongue

she swayed with every letter

composing a lullaby to the strum of her heart.

his presence was her stage

heart pounding,

she was telling a story of two strangers

desperately searching for words

she knew his face….

flashes of familiar memories,

glimpses of crossing paths

she remembered him.

There he was, cornering a wall

overseeing her every move

she swayed as if grace was conceived in her hips,

he knew her face

silently, he chanted her name

somehow..somehow they had met

her fragrance lingered a memory

he was desperately searching..

searching for a memory

she was a loner

he’d walked up to her on

that starry night that the moon substituted the sun

she was the color of mahogany brown

with a tint of moonlight blues

she stood there, head sunken low

hands curved around a glass

nursing ms. brandy on the rocks

he stopped a step away from her face

captivated by the innocence of her beauty.

She elevated her head

her eyes joining his

concern masking sadness

and saw..and

he asked”what is your name?”

the corner of her mouth arched up

“Gardenia, like the flower” a voice escaped her lips

“have we met?” he asked…..

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