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August 31, 2012
By JohnCimeno SILVER, Wilmington, Massachusetts
JohnCimeno SILVER, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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One mind
Two sides of the coin

One belief
Two impulses

Light and dark
Always striving for dominance

One side, a set of morals, a shield of morality
The other side, a raging animal, incapable of reason

Love, lust
The bridge being insanity

The banks of which
Are reason and desire

Two paths
One walker

One path, primal hunger
The other, a road less traveled

Both sides refuse to give ground
Another yoke of regret is placed

The knout of desire strikes
The animal forces a step forward

The knout strikes again
The wall is fortified with remorse

Righteous anger meets
Violent lechery

Righteous blades unseam flesh
Lecherous talons slit skin

Black blood is everywhere
The knout stirs up the catalyst

The two sides meld into one
Neither knows the other.

No similarities
For no one saw what happened

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