Not That Guy

September 5, 2012
By JSych BRONZE, Confidential, Connecticut
JSych BRONZE, Confidential, Connecticut
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"Cheers to the memories. Love, Lust. Lost but never forgotten. Live for the moment today, Fight through tomorrow, Keep the memories of yesterdays." -Jime S.

She was in my room
Nothing to do,
Thinking I'm that dude
To do what it do
But I'm not that type of guy

She thought she was going to have her way
She thought she was going to have her say
But she just thought too hard
It'll never go that far
Just a fantasy that will never play

Said I'm sorry, I don't want it like that
I'm sorry, but you could come right back
Because it's the way I run this show
Baby girl, I just want to take it slow

See now I'm not trying to rush anything
You could keep babbling
How we be in my bedroom doing nothing
If you truly want me, you'll keep waiting
Til I'm good and ready, this is the only way I'm playing.

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