The Closure Poem

August 26, 2012
By CierraAapri BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
CierraAapri BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not" -Kurt Cobain

When I think back on how we used to be,
something sparks fear within me.
The laughs, the smiles, the silly love fights.
All of it happening night after night.
Then I stop and think, I ended this why?
Just so I didn't have to tell another girl goodbye.
There is nothing in this world I valued most,
but still I messed up so you left like a tide on the coast.
You came back, but this time I was you and you were me.
And you couldn't see what we could be.
You wanted him and I, but you could not have us both.
It was my memories and his possibility of growth.
There was nothing I could do, nothing I could say.
None of my words got in the way.
He won the battle, maybe even the war.
And now I am off worse than before.
I love you my Dear, more than stars in the sky,
But I cannot be with you if in your mind there is this guy.
He is as sweet as can be and a catch to get,
But our love on fire is not something to just quit.
I know you and your heart are scared of being hurt by me once more.
But I was willing to love you better than I had before.
I wanted to give you roses and chocolates on your bed.
Just so you could see that I meant what I said.
My chance is lost and this I understand.
I know it is not right for me to take your hand.
So finally I have closure and I am through.
Just know, I will always love you.

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