That Moment I Die

August 8, 2012
By AdamSmith1114 GOLD, Escondido, California
AdamSmith1114 GOLD, Escondido, California
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That moment I fail to speak
I die at that moment.

You were a surprise
A gift from the highest
I'll plan it out in my head
I'll show you a rose so big
You can jump up on it

I'm screaming at my lungs
“Lord God, thank you,”
“I won't mess this up”
Keep this energy
Plan yours words
Make sure you drink the cola
and the appetizers

I'll show you I can be fun
I'll show you can be funny
Let's share histories, presents, and futures
I'll show you with my gentlemanliness
I'm destined to be more than just a loser

I'm not the smartest!
And I'm not the biggest!
But you'll see I'm the sweetest
If you just let me finish

My legs tremble
and my fingers are cold
My heart beats hard
But “fast” is not a word
That can be foretold

Just do something!
Don't just let me sit here in darkness
Not knowing the end and wishing for the beginning

I don't have a voice
But if I did I'd show you its volume

I don't have confidence
But if I did you'd already be mine

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For Miss Lopez

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