Love Bug

July 15, 2012
By Milra101 BRONZE, Adelanto, California
Milra101 BRONZE, Adelanto, California
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True Love Waits

Have you ever had a crush , that hit you in the heart
right inside the core , that made you so excited that your heart got sore
Well if this has happend to you , then i,ve got new for you written instore.
You have been bitten by a Love Bug
This type of bug is different from the others
What he does is he makes you crazy in love from just a hug from that person you love
So if you are suffering the side effects of obsessing over facebook pic's and long summer vaca's and your stomach is sick , then your in a bad case of the Love Sickness.
well i wish you the best of luck cause its hard to get over a case of The Love Bug,
but their is a one & only cure , you have to tell your crush how you feel , im sure and after you have done this deed, a secound after you tell them , how you've felt then worry no longer cause Mr.Love Bug is out!

The author's comments:
This about a guy named Luis S. I have had a crush on him for a long long time and i was just admiring a pic of him on face book haha im not a stalker and i just felt a heart melting moment to write about him

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