Who are you?

July 5, 2012
As I sat in this lonely house,
I passed and I walked about,
but luck come to find,
I wasn't hear alone this time.

For a shadow past by,
but yet it was not mine.
Another man,
another person,
another someone,
was in my house,
on this lonely night.

I could not find,
in my search about,
this man who cast a shadow,
in my lonely house.
I looked and i see me,
a shadow of me,
so i wave hi,
and he back at me.

Just than the man past again,
and again i took foot,
I chased him up the stairs,
I chased him into my room,
I don't know who I chased,
for alone was me,
in this lonely house of mine.

How could this be,
I thought to myself,
He stands in-front of me,
dark as a shadow,
for that's all he is.
A shadow of a man,
who is in my house,
my lonely old house.

He stood just a little taller than me,
smaller on the waist,
and tighter on the chest,
but yet stood no man.

I looked to my mirror,
and in my shock,
stood the man in-front of me,
and silence except for the tick tock clock,
in my lonely house.

I sprint,
I ran,
I must,
shouted I,
as a camera I did find.

What happened next came as a shock,
there was no man,
no shadow,
not even a tick tock,
from the tick tock clock.
Only silence,
in this lonely house of mine.

What i did find,
was a note,
written into the mirror,
as if it just appeared.

I was you,
you were me,
at least what your heart made you to be.
I was the real you,
you are just a fake me,
based on your heart,
you shouldn't be.
Yet society has got you,
and will not let go,
You seen me,
and tried to make a freak show.
Your heart sees you,
you let society change you.
Be me,
let no more be of you,
together we'll grow,
as a baby flower in mid-spring,
stand tall,
nice and pretty.
In this house,
it is me,
and than it is I.

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Dreamer7697 said...
Jul. 7, 2012 at 11:00 pm
Wow! You write so amazingly talented!! Good job teddy!:D
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