June 1, 2012
By SirGalvantula BRONZE, Orcutt, California
SirGalvantula BRONZE, Orcutt, California
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Does this one have a soul?
Can the created
Truly live

I see them live
See them laugh
See them cry
I see them die

Yet I feel nothing
I do not mourn
For the dead
I do not rejoice
For the new

I do not
Because I can not

This is my label
What they gave me

If it smiles
Kill it
If it cries
Kill it
If it lives
Kill it

They don't want
Me to be like them
They fear what they have created
They fear me

But I don't want to hurt
I want to live
I ask them
Does this one have a soul

Their only answer
Can this one have a soul?

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