It is what he was

May 31, 2012
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The feeling of spiders, scorpions, and salamanders creeping up my spine,
my heart pulsating, The wave of feeling alone.
The memories just start to come back,
like a huge flood hitting me head on.

I try to block them out but they're coming,
the thing that changed my life and
ruined my family.
It took everything from me.

That man that towers 6 foot 3 inches, 280 pounds
when words did nothing, I just ceased,
I lived with it I thought I had no choice
until one day I said enough is enough.

The pounding on my bedroom window at night
the window can feel my pain. It stalked me, It didn't give up.
But that day I made a phone call, it all came out

That first night changed my life forever
but that first step to make it end was one that
really ruined my family.

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