To Love A Broken Girl

May 17, 2012
I remember how soft she way
I remember the way her curves melted perfectly into mine
Every contour of her lips like a sick twist in fate
Her eyes told the darkest stories
while her mouth spoke the sweetest words
Dancing fingers that molded right into mine
The legs of a true goddess
Scars of a true soldier
One who fought a silent battle
Life or death inside her head
No time to remember to smile
When your light is dying out
I watched her luminous spirit float away slowly
Too afraid to fall into her
Toppling over despite my efforts
One step and I'm over the edge
With every breath I miss her
With every heart beat I feel her
I must be brave
But I feel so weak
All along my hearts strings were in her hands
A puppet for her to play with
My tongue sang only in her honor
I die everyday waiting for her
When her soul finds it's way back to mine
I will live once more
My anxious heart will be healed

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