May 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Back and forth.
Baaack and forth.
Turn a corner.
And back around.
Now you're going in circles.

Want some food?
Here, have some.
...Or not.
Whatever, it's fine.
It'll still be there later.

It's kind of funny,
The way you move.
Wiggle wiggle wiggle.
Wiggle wiggle.

How do you live in a bowl?
What's there to do?
What kind of life is that?
I wish I could know.
...No I don't.

How is it that you can make me feel like a child
Because I'm watching you out of simple curiosity
And attraction to your brightly colored scales
And then make me ponder the meaning of what it is to be alive?

...back and forth...
...baaack and forth...

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