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May 9, 2012
By charmanderkitty4 BRONZE, Riverside, California
charmanderkitty4 BRONZE, Riverside, California
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What is to write?
Have you ever really stopped and looked before you write?
Thought before you etched or scribbled?
For what you write will remain forever and will be yours forever.
When I write, i think what if I read these later, what I will see in the things
I created in high school?
And what picture will it paint of you?
If you write of despair and gore and you die young, and people in the future find your writing,
How will they depict you?
What if Shakespeare was not as we described him?
What if he was just an average Joe whose works were liked after his death?
What if that was not his intention?
What if he only wanted to make plays so people could enjoy them,
And not to have scholars years later debate the religious symbolism that he did not intend to write?
I wish to write, only to express my feeling and thoughts.
And I hope it will paint a vivid picture of what I really am.
For what is writing but a magnifying glass that we use to show people how to sees past our
Lies and masks we put on for others and see the real us.
If the real William Shakespeare was as great as his plays lead out, may he be happy
And I hope many, many years after my death, will still be read by many,
Most complete strangers, who will see the real me, the real girl.
So I always stop before I write, and paint a picture with my words
So I can become my own mosaic.

The author's comments:
this is my view on writing

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