Wounderous Strange

April 22, 2012
Manhattan, New York
Oh how worse can it get!
When a gate swings open
And two worlds split.

October 23rd through November 1st
Is when the Janus get a thirst
To protect a gate on the Night of Nine
Because of those who took and said “Mine!”

While sitting in a garden, nice and sweet
Kelley heard a terrified shriek.
It came from a horse
At the bottom of the lake
So Kelley dove in,
Despite the cold, and ache.

Sonny a changeling,
A mortal stolen from birth,
Was surrounded by pixie blood on the earth.
And there it was!
Just moments ago something was there!
Could the kelpie have vanished into thin air?

While Kelley and Sonny were strolling
Through the park,
A hellhound jumped from a bush,
Sent to have Kelley smushed.

To save Kelley
Sonny blocks the attack
But sends the girl onto a bronze mushroom cap!
When fighting the Shuck,
Sonny grabs his weapon,
But then is struck with venom!

In exchange for a song,
The siren speaks
Of what Kelley is
And why she is seeked.

To rid a kelpie
Sonny returns him to Queen Mahb
But that’s not her daughter
So now she’s mad!
Because Sonny broke the deal
Mahb is free from her cage
But now she’ll release her cruelty and rage.

Then the horn sounds,
That brings the hunt into motion
That’s like a deadly ocean.
But with Sonny upon the kelpie’s back
They turn into the Roan Horse and the Rider,
In a snap.

To save humanity,
Kelley finds a prize stag
To lead the war band another way.
Into the sky,
They chase the deer
Into the portal
To sleep for more years.

Sonny must leave to make amends
But promises to love Kelley till the end.
The last time the see each other is at a play
Where Kelley is Titania

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