Standing Alone

April 25, 2012
By RAIDER-1193 BRONZE, Broadway, North Carolina
RAIDER-1193 BRONZE, Broadway, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
War. War never changes.

The Marine stands tall and ready to fight.
Knowing he won’t be home by night.
Battle scarred with a thousand yard stare.
No one knows of which he truly cares.
For back in the states.
He has a family who waits.
And wonders and worries what has happened of late.
Counting down the days and trying his best.
The thought of his six year old daughter puts his heart at rest.
With each passing day, she asks if he’s here.
Her mom shakes her head silently and whispers “No dear.”
Over video chat, he tells them not to fear.
For he will be home by the end of the year.
In the heat of engagement, it all moved so fast.
He made no mistakes, except for this last.
He flew out of cover, firing as sure as he could.
Fighting for all… all that he would.
When unexpectedly, the enemy fired one more round.
A single, last shot that would put him down.
Upon the call of evac, the situation looked grim.
All team members assured what would happen to him.
Underneath all the bullets, and hand grenade blasts.
That young Marine uttered his last.
“Take me home and lay me to rest,
Tell Katie that daddy tried his best.”
Now clad in black and in dress blue.
The sight composed a most depressing hue.
The mother and daughter, tear dotted face.
Both he had moved on to a better place.
One by one, the rifle shots went.
Until every last Marine was spent.
The flag removed from the casket, folded up neat.
The Sergeant brought it to Katie so tender and sweet.
She saluted the Sergeant, a smile she lacked.
The Sergeant snapped to attention and saluted her back.
Then Katie rose up, eyes darting every angle.
Softly she said “My daddy’s in Heaven, My guardian angel.”

The author's comments:
My choice to pursue a career in the United States Marine Corps inspired me to write this.

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