April 7, 2012
By camila19 BRONZE, Carolina, Other
camila19 BRONZE, Carolina, Other
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Favorite Quote:
a word boring people use to describe fun people. <3

You're suiting up
getting ready to leave
you're packing your things
without looking at me

Our fate has been tricky
and there is a sick twist in it
the battler you're preparing for
the war your army is marching toward

It's against me
we were never meant to be together
we were screamed at and scolded
we were cursed from the start

a relationship full of hopeless devotion
and endless love
but after awhile that unyielding love became our poison

As i said we were cursed from the star
anger and jealousy cursed through us
and our kingdoms
we were foolish and selfish
but we had the best type of love that exists

so I stand here in the battlefield
holding back the tears as I look back at my army
facing forward and looking at the army of my beloved I could not help but let a tear escape
for I realize that one of us is going to have to lose

The author's comments:
This is my first time writing poetry so please be gentle :$

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