March 31, 2012
I live.
Every minute of every hour.
And every hour of every day.
Although it hurts,
and I can't figure out
how to make the pain just go away.
I live.
But the bruises and scars that are tattooed on my heart
seem to keep pulling me down,
into nothing but dark.
I live.
Not for me,
but for the people who love me.
I live.
Even though it feels as if I'm already dead.
I live.
When i still can't seem to silence the voices in my head.
I live.
In self hatred.
I live.
I live in my own world,
and i imagine what it'd be like to be noticed.
I imagine what it'd be like to be accepted.
I live.
Everyday in fear.
In hope.
In sorrow.
In pain.
I live.
Because I don't know what else to do.
I live.
Life gets confusing and unbearable and sometimes i fight to breathe.
But i still live.
And I hope one day you'll see how truly sorry I am for everything I put you through.
So, I'll live today.
And I'll live tomorrow.
But everyday,
I'll be living for you.

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DreamsOfGold said...
Apr. 11, 2012 at 9:35 pm

I don't think you need to know how awesome this poem is. Although, I'll tell you anway:

You put passion in your words, you see the emotions; you don't just feel emotions, you see them. You are a great writer, and you see the value even in the smallest sentence, every breath. Keep writing, and show people your potential. They'll see, just you wait.

By the way, the last line almost made me cry... It's so true in so many ways... (I made this) "To live for a better purpose, you have... (more »)

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