What if

March 28, 2012
Last night I was lying down,
In the parks town,
And some what ifs came to me,
And as I was lying down I saw a big tree,
What if we were more than friends?
What if I was a six in men’s?
What if I told you I loved you?
What if you told me you loved me too?
What if someone somewhere was dreaming of you?
What if I was dreaming of you too?
What if you were one of my bestest friends ever?
What if I told you to shout never?
What if I died?
What if you cried?
What if I told you I hated you?
What if you hated me too?
What if you never got your friend back?
What if I brought you a big mac?
What if someday you’d love me?
What if someday I won’t love you too?
What if we held each other forever?
What if I never wanted to be here forever?
What if is a what if right?
What if I just held you tight?
Everything may seem so swell, but then
The what ifs come back once again!!!!!

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