I Dont Understand'

March 26, 2012
By , Morristown, TN
She slams her door,
and you hear the lock click.
You begin to hear her cry,
and you start to feel sick.

You don't know what to do,
you don't know what could be done,
to bring daddy back
and to get mommy to stop crying.

Then again,
I don't know why daddy's leaving,
is he going to work?
Or is he going on another vacation?

After being locked in her room
for hours and hours,
mommy comes to the dinner table,
and tells us daddy is leaving for good.

I don't know if I did something,
Mommy told me it wasn't anybodys
fault, Daddy just fell out of love with her,
and into love with Someone else.

I blamed my mommy anyway,
I never told her that though.
But she probably figured that
because I would never loOK at her.

When I was old enough to understand,
which was 12 years old.
She told me dad had an affair,
with more than one woman.

I begged for her forgiveness,
I told her I was sorry for blaming her.
She Told me that was OK,
Because she knew I would understand someday.

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