The River

March 13, 2012
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The river is always changing,
The water is always moving downstream,
A willow tree touches the water,
The branches form a circle,
In which the water is one ripple in all directions,
And the river changes again

Years later the river has slowly eroded its banks,
It has seen rain and shine,
It has seen drought and flood,
And now boundaries are being tested,
New things are being explored,
And the river changes again

Year by year,
The river expands and grows,
Downward with power,
It flows and goes with gravity,
A strong current keeps it going,
It’s never exhausted supply of water goes with it

Where will the river be in a year,
Who knows? Not me,
But next year, just like the last,
The river will fight it's way down,
And the river changes again,
And the river changes again.

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