So I walk

March 17, 2012
By paco96 BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
paco96 BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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So I walk…
With a high-pitched laughter,
Still hanging in the air;
I opened the door to be captured,
In a fantasy fair.
For others it was a time,
A when, and a where.
For me it was a heart,
A face, with golden hair.

So I walk…
Another laugh, another ring
Of the out-of-place
Church-going bells;
So isolated, surrounded
By such obscenity, as the
Skipping rose-giving gypsies,
And the relentless venders,
Advertising their over
Priced products.

So I walk…
Next to the innocently
Perfect feathered pen,
caressing the scratchy,
Torn-edged parchment,
Permanently embedding
Every word.

So I walk…
Talking in the most
Common every day
Conversation, that
Quite possibly may
Never be forgotten.
From the “Remember
That times”, to the
“What about whens”.

So I walk…
Now thinking, not always
Listening, about a question
Not easily asked, but
Always done in person.
How to ask, what to
Ask, where to start?

So I walk…

Losing myself in the
Crowd, forgetting the
Time, who would want
To go back? What if I
Could stay, would I be
Happy, never moving
Forward, never moving
Back? No.

So I walk…
The day is almost
Over, the shops are
Closing, my time
Ticking away, as
The last customers
Are leaving, we
Head for the front gate.

So I walk…
As the gate creeps
Closer, we say our
Goodbyes, that kind
Shared between old
Friends. When I make
My way back to
The door, I think
What a great day.

The author's comments:
This poem was written about two friends taking a walk at a Renaissance fair.

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