Prayer of the Sanctimonious

March 19, 2012
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O Lord, my Heavenly Father,
Creator of men, leader of
All that is righteous –
Hear my pleas today,
And grant them through
Your divine Grace.

God, smite those who revel
In Sin: the liars and thieves;
The instigators, perpetrators,
And the violators.

Allow no one to encroach upon
Your sanctity. “Judge not,
Lest ye be judged,” sayest Thou.
Thine orders are finite:
Inerrant, ineffable, infallible.

Speak Your mighty Word,
And send it down,
A lightning bolt from the Heavens.
Whisper Your orders into the ears
Of the unfaithful. Command them;
Teach the blasphemers a lesson.

No man is above another,
None is worth more than his brethren.
No vagrant is an angel,
No heathen is worthy.
Bring Your blessings upon only
Those who follow the Way.

So dearest God, I end
With this: The utmost fierce
Punishment you can create –
An eternity in purgatory,
A lifetime in Hell –
Invoke it upon he who
Thinks himself better
Than others.

He who has
The audacity to call his
Fellow man ‘sinner,’
Or, ‘heathen.’ He who
In his naïveté thinks
The world is just divided
Between sinners and the Holy.

Teach such a hypocrite a lesson,
And pray for those
Sinners, now and at the
Hour of their death.

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