Only A Dream

March 1, 2012
By Anonymous

My heart jumps each time I look in your eyes
I can feel your hands on my waist, and
Hear the song we danced to so many times before
Our fingers interlaced as we walk down the trail
My heart beating so hard I swear you could hear it
I notice you staring at me from across the room,
And pretend not to notice
As you walk closer I feel my checks blush, as
You grab my hand my heart skips a beat

Although that was a dream,
A figment of my imagination
That never really happened
Now I stare at you in class and,
Blush every time you look at me
I can’t help myself, just promise me,
You will always stay beautiful.

The author's comments:
Everyone has crushes and dreams. Lately, mine have intertwined. He knows I like him but he's dating my BFF... so he's off limits to me...

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