March 7, 2012
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Honesty is overrated
In this life it is hated
You spit out intolerable lies
One by one I see them dash
Only to embed in our ears
Sickly rusty they will shout
Then they dry out
Scratching for thirst they will suck out the truth
Then their sickly bodies you have created will take sticks and stones
Only to break more bones
And the pattern of a lie will be repeated.
It will cause trouble.
Sting like an opened wound
It warps you into that feeling
Those scary little itches that you can’t move
Swell up and you cannot breathe anymore.
Take that love you lost and stick it in your pocket
Understand you are wrong
What is your next turn?
What will be the second angle?
A lie
And I will sigh an everlasting gaping hole of regret
For letting you
Try and teach me
What honesty is
Because I have seen those monsters grow larger with every quick breath
And I have sat on my side of the worn out sidewalk
I wore your tattered coat
Only to be manipulated
And I have contemplated
With my thoughts bruising the side of my skull
Every single time I try to look at you
I only coil away with disgust
Because honesty is just a game to you
And it will always be just another
Overrated speck of nothing
But you and me?
We lay here

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TTTeeSS said...
Mar. 15, 2012 at 6:36 pm
Wow! Loved it! Could be broken into a few different Stanzas, but I like it!
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